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Shateria Nunley

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Born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, Shateria Nunley's insatiable curiosity as a child led her to ask countless questions, setting the foundation for a lifelong journey of learning. A natural leader, Shateria has not only made her parents and family proud as a devoted daughter but has also proven to be a cherished friend and dedicated educator, embodying the values of empathy and mentorship. Despite life's heartbreaks, she has embraced each challenge as an opportunity for growth, shaping her into a resilient individual committed to continuous self-improvement and guiding others on their paths through the ever-evolving landscape of life!

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“Knowing yourself is the

beginning of all wisdom.”

– Aristotle

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"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

— Viktor Frankl

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Step into a space of empowerment and connection as we journey through self-discovery and engage in meaningful discussions every Sunday. reHERbilitated Sundays are all about fostering a supportive community where we delve into topics that matter most to us. Join us in unraveling the layers of life, sharing experiences, and uplifting each other. Let's grow, learn, and thrive together.

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